It’s your day off.

You really don’t fancy getting your gym gear on and heading down the gym, to work out in an enclosed space when everyone you know is out making the most of their day. However, if you don’t go it could be the catalyst in the downfall of your regime and the positive changes you have just started to notice; there is food on the braai for lunch and the calories are piling on just from the smell.

Did you know that variety and occasional changes in your programme will assist with overall general fitness and improving body composition? That changing your running takkies for walking shoes once in a while may actually boost development in the target areas you have been working on? If you are dreading the gym today maybe your body needed that small extra rest after a hard week of training, it could possibly stand to do something else for a change.

Don’t get me wrong, there is no need to spend the day sleeping or chilling in front of the TV (although we all like those days once in a while), why not try another form of exercise for the day? Step out of the gym and enter the rest of the world.

Currently, I like to get outdoors. Being new to Cape Town there seem to be endless mountains to climb, beaches to walk and sites to see; my body and I are both loving the change, from the weekday high intensity gym workout, to the weekend endurance walking. It is also a great way to spend time with friends and the people you love, take whoever you want and just get going. Exercise releases endorphins, the natural feel good hormone, so you can now have more fun and laughs! Enjoy the sites and new experiences, and give your body the gift of variety.

So, make the most of those little extras, those days where you didn’t think you were going to manage a workout; find something you enjoy, change up the programme, add a little extra, and make this day off something a little different.

Safiyah Esack – 27/02/2013

2013-01-13 17.51.59

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