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Asalaamu Alaykum all,

Welcome to my new page and blog. Shukran for stopping by and I hope you find something interesting to read here! You may even learn something inshaAllah!

I will endeavour to research and be as accurate, scientifically, as possible; as well as throwing in my own knowledge and opinions from previous experience. Focusing mainly on women’s health, fitness and nutrition. Alghamdulilah.

Intentions, goals, targets and aspirations are all individual and personal; but everyone has them. Whether it’s weight loss, weight gain, muscle build, sport specific, food knowledge, general fitness, injury treatment, illness management or just to loose that tiny bit of cellulite you found on the back of your left leg!

It’s time to incorporate exercise and nutritional choices into your lifestyle; health isn’t a get quick diet plan, health is what keeps you alive until your final breath…

With this post I have added a picture, it is one of my favourite places to train clients after Fajr; Table Mountain looks stunning and the air feels beautiful and fresh. MashaAllah.

JazakAllah for joining me on this page and I hope you enjoy each and every blog and post inshaAllah. Comments are always appreciated and criticism openly accepted 🙂


Safiyah Esack PT


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