Ladies, picture this:

You wake up on the weekend, it’s raining outside, the house is clean, lunch is already made, this is your rest day from the gym, all the washing is done, children are by your in laws and your husband has already left to go surfing. It’s just you and a perfect day inside.

Sounds lush right? But after an hour of flicking through the 2000 TV channels to find that nothing is on, after scanning over the book shelf to see nothing new, you realise this may not be the dream you once thought it was.

On a rest day from the gym it is very important to do exactly that, rest. But that doesn’t mean you need to sleep the whole day, nor does it mean you are expected to sit still. Being restless is no fun and it’s much better to get up and be active, without the necessity of the intensity of training days. So, what can you do if it’s raining outside, you want to get your body moving, and heart rate pumping, though you don’t want to specifically workout any part of your body?

Firstly, make sure all the blinds are closed, curtains pulled and no one is able to peep in. Then go to your wardrobe and find all your favourite shoes, outfits, scarves and underwear. Now, it’s time to have some good ol’ girly fun! Grab a few choices, throw them on one at a time. Each choice deserves a full cat walk, up and down the stairs, through every corridor, giving yourself a twirl in every room. Try on all the most beautiful shoes in your cupboard and check out how you walk in each of them, take them for a full test drive around the house. Experiment with different ways of walking, don’t be afraid to be silly, after all no one can see you!


The science bit…

Truth is. All I’m asking you to do is walk around your house loads of times and make a fool of yourself when no one is looking. So, why is this going to help with your health? Well, walking is a form of low intensity exercise, you are burning off fat at a slow rate (still making the most of your rest day); changing the walking style with the clothes or shoes you are wearing, and trialling different cat walk moves will give you a small variety in your walk, therefore slightly increasing and decreasing the heart rate while using a range of muscles through a vaster range of movement. Believe it or not; getting excited about the outfits is raising your heart rate and adrenaline in your body, giving you a greater chance of fat burn. This is also keeping your occupied, stopping your hands reach for the chocolate.

Not your idea of a good time? Back to bed it is then!

Salaams 😛

Safiyah Esack 01/03/2013

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