Why are your feet too big? Your eyes too close together? Your tongue too short? Your butt too round? Your left arm too long? Your hair too curly? Your legs too straight?

Why do you find it hard to loose weight on your arms? Whereas your best friend struggles to loose the weight off her legs?

Why do you always crave extra cheese on your pizza? Whereas your Mum never liked pizza at all?

Why do you get out of breath after 1 minute of running? Whereas your brother, who has never run before, can run for 20 minutes no problem?

I’ll give you the simple, obvious, plain and simple answer………………. Because you are YOU!

There is a reason that you friend looses weight faster than you, there is a reason that you have a smaller waist than your Mother, there is a reason that your shoe size is smaller than your husbands. Because we are all individuals and are made up of our own DNA, structured in our own unique way.

When you make a decision to loose weight, gain weight, get fitter, train for a sport, manage an illness or change your diet; do not be surprised when your results are not the same as anyone else. Although the basic principals and methods are the same, each person reacts differently. On a weight loss programme, you may loose weight at a slower pace than someone else, and it may be significantly noticeable in one particular area. In sports training, or building muscle, the variations between people are massive; different areas of training need to be focused on, in accordance to body type and the bodies reaction to the training. Progression needs to be monitored to ensure the most effective training and results.

Diet changes work in a similar way. As every person’s body is different, varying amounts of a range of food types are needed for each individual. Some metabolisms require people to eat more of certain types of food, and some require little; trial and error methods can be used following basic known principals with food. It is important to remember to eat as natural and healthy as possible, a high metabolism doesn’t mean stocking up on junk food, it may not show on the outside but it could be causing lethal harm to the inside. Current technology  enables tests that now show a person’s hormone levels and blood sugar levels, allowing us to see what an individual may be lacking or over indulging on, what areas of the body are effected and why; this is known as a BioSignature assessment.

Starting a new healthy lifestyle can be intimidating, everyone has their own gym and diet story; always remember you are your own story, there is only one of you and only you can write this particular novel. Your body will react in a different way to everyone else, be it you change faster or slower. Professionals are there to assist you with your own body, recording progression, and adapting workouts and nutrition programmes to suit you. Each person’s training and food plan should be as unique as each person. Although there are the basic underlying rules, unfortunately there is no one routine for everyone to follow. Never get disheartened with your own progress; maintain consistency in your new lifestyle, and variety in your workouts. Find a nutrition plan that works for YOU for life, not a fad diet that is impossible to stick to and dangerous for your body. Most importantly ENJOY! Being fit and healthy should help with energy levels, mood levels and self confidence; so let’s see the new broader smile on your face!

In one Umah, we are all individual people; embrace your own identity.


Salaams to each beautiful Sister in Islam

Safiyah Esack – 22/03/2013

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