Health, fitness, weight loss, weight gain, muscle build… Whatever your goal, to achieve it you must create a new LIFESTYLE. No fad diet or TV exercise routine is going to get you to where you want to be and (most of all) it definitely won’t keep you there. Maintenance is one of the main problems with short term fixes, the others include illness, internal organ disfunction and possible death (to put it bluntly). If you don’t eat properly, try and exercise, and load up on drugs such as caffeine; did you really think your body was going to respond well?

Ok, that was an INTENSE introduction. But it’s time to think, honestly, what are you doing to your body? Do you over eat, are you a junk food addict, do you crash diet and not eat, are you an alcoholic and substance abuser, do you over train or are you stuck to the couch? All of these lifestyle elements are diseases and can be fatal. Our bodies were given to us as a responsibility and if we don’t take care of them they are unable to function. Imagine giving a car orange juice instead of petrol, or expecting it to run on oxygen alone; it just wouldn’t work.


Actually knowing what your body needs is not always common knowledge; so here’s my 10 first steps to creating that fit and healthy body, the beginning of your own fit and healthy lifestyle:

1 – Make your own food, keep it natural. Keep away from pre-packed food, persevatives and additives.

2 – Always check the labels. Your favourite brand of tuna might have hidden extras that you didn’t expect!

3 – Walk more. It genuinely happens, people get in their cars to go next door… really!?

4 – Squat. In the gym, in your front room, at the dinner table, over the bath, just SQUAT!

5 – Controlled portions. Be it meals, exercise, snacks, events, everything in moderation.

6 – High intensity work outs. A more effective work out in a short time period, YES PLEASE!

7 – Resistance trainingLadies that’s you too! Build lean muscle and great shape while stripping away fat.

8 – Start small. Little changes at a time, don’t expect to wake up and be a different person. This is for life.

9 – Get enough rest. Without rest your body can’t function properly, internally or externally.

10 – The whole family. Everyone should now be involved; after all, you all want long, healthy lives together right?


Have a beautiful evening all ❤

Safiyah Esack – 09/04/2013

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