Underneath your body, holding you up, keeping everything together, absorbing impact and supporting every joint, muscle & bone in the body; are your shoes.

Whether you’re shopping, running, cycling, jumping, lifting, hiking, dancing, or anything else; you need to have footwear appropriate for the task at hand. No matter how strong you are or how much you walk around barefoot, there are always going to be situations when particular shoes need to be worn.

When in the gym, or participating in any kind of sport, this is essential. Sports such as cycling, hiking and dancing, all have their own type of shoe, specifically made for each activity. To ensure you buy the right pair for your feet, it is important to speak to a professional (sales person, physio or coach) when purchasing. For other types of physical activity it might not be as clear.


Mainly, it is important to at least buy SOMETHING that will support you during participation in anything. Wearing “pumps” “dollyshoes” “flip-flops” “heels!!!!!!!” “sandals” “plimsols” or even the brands such as “converse” are not going to help you if you intend to actually MOVE at all during this activity. The absolute minimum would be to buy yourself a cheap running pair of “trainers” “takkies” “sneakers”.

If you are thinking it’s time to get serious, you are now active at least once a week, and cheap trainers just aren’t going to cut it, then it’s time to get down your local sports store (not a FASHION sport brand store or shoe store). Have in mind what you are going to use the trainers for, if running: what is your main/target distance, if the gym: what equipment and how often, if for aerobics classes: are they high or low impact. Now you can have an informed conversation with the sales person.

Trainers come in many shapes and sizes, using a range of new technologies. From barefoot-type soles to knitted tops, the choice is endless; so make sure you do your research, ask for help, and purchase the best for you! You may find you need more than 1 pair! Good stores will also be able to test your gait and walking style to ensure they find a shoe that will be effective for you as an individual.

Nike Free Run 2 Womens Gray Jade Fuchsia Peach (1)

Please note – Trainers have an expiry date too, depending what you do and how much you use them. The shock absorbers get less effective, the support begins to give way and they wear out. They may have been the best ones when you bought them, 2 years later this may no longer be the case.



You can always call me to come shoe shopping with you next time 😉

Asalaamu Alaykum Gorgeous Ladies! ❤

Safiyah Esack – 27/03/2013

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