Yesterday was the first day in Cape Town‘s history, that the city received snow weather warnings! The world’s climate is changing and FAST. Winters in hundreds of countries, are becoming colder and more challenging. But does this have to mean the population forgets about the gym and becomes lazy during the winter months?Just because laying under the duvet seems the best place for you, are you benefiting from being there?

Well, unless you are changing your duvet at a few times a week, it could be more of a bacteria breeding ground, after all they are trying to escape the cold too. You are also consciously allowing your immune system to weaken as you give up a whole summer’s worth of hard work.

I’m not telling you to run out into the snow or run through the rain in shorts, but you don’t need to lock yourself away either. Cold weather doesn’t mean you need extra layers of fat to keep you warm… that’s what clothes are for 😉

There are many indoor facilities to choose from, if you are not a gym person, why not try a smaller studio or private gym. Try out a local class or exercise group? Even grab a couple of friends and follow a fitness DVD in your front room? Keeping fit and healthy will boost your immune system, therefore aiding in the prevention of colds and flu; while also training your body’s internal thermometer to respond quicker, helping you stay warm on those cold nights. And most of all… you are one step ahead of the panic spring exerciser’s.

Summer bodies are built in the WINTER! Grab your trainers and go…


Asalaamu Alaykum ❤

Safiyah Esack – 03/06/2013

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