100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 applications to choose from! (Ok, slight exaggeration), but it seems that with new apps being developed everyday by the ever growing techno-wizzes of the 21st Century, we won’t be far off that figure soon.

The fitness industry is growing just as rapidly, and many business minded individuals have caught onto the obvious idea of linking both fitness and “app” innovation technology. Therefore, the era of calorie-counting, exercise-giving, personal training apps has well and truly arrived. Whether you have an IPhone, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy or a new Windows phone; you now have full capability to plan your own workout and diet plan, with visual examples, pre-prepared measured meals and help building your own, new personalised programme.

The positive impact of this new invention is HUGE! People that never before had knowledge about exercise and food, now have it readily available in the palm of their hands. Whether they want to run a 10km or learn a few exercises for an effective shoulder work out, the advice and support is now there for them, easy right? Didn’t know about calories? Now your phone has the power to find the exact brand, size, colour, weight of everything you eat and can tell you exactly what is in it. Bored at home? There’s an app for that! Lost in the gym? There’s an app for that! No idea where there nearest gym is? There’s even an app to locate and direct you!


But in reality, what effect is this technology having on the nation? Is there a positive reflection on health and fitness in app-able countries? The truth… not really. Although there is easily accessible knowledge, can you really be sure it is correct, anyone can create their own app right? Also, if you find a reliable app, can the app check your technique and follow your progress to give you the work out you really want? You may be able to input your height, weight and gender, but can the app see and work with you? A chocolate slab is less than a days calories, so that’s healthy right? How motivated are you to complete a work out when there is just a phone to tell you what to do? You can easily lie to a keyboard.

However advanced technology has become, it is no replacement to the human mind and observation. For effective, safe, progressive and REALLY personalised programmes; only a qualified and experienced Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist can provide you with the service you need. A friendly face, a helping hand and someone who can adapt exercises and food plans to suit you. (Not saying every professional is using their title correctly, but you get what I’m saying…)

There is a place for everything, if an app is the only thing a person can afford and it is getting them doing SOMETHING rather than nothing then ALGHAMDULILAH! If an app is assisting in recording previous sessions and being a great modern note pad and encyclopedia in your hand, giving that technique correction that you may not otherwise have, awesome. But if an app is an excuse to cheat yourself out of feeling GREAT, looking GREAT and being GREAT; then rather leave your phone at home on charge next time. 😉


Ramadan Kareem Brothers & Sisters!

Asalaamu Alaykum

Safiyah Esack – 10/07/2013

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