How are you feeling today? Energised and ready to take on the day? Or deflated, down and unmotivated? Whatever your state of mind, now is not the time to sit around and do nothing. When it comes to health and fitness, everyday is a new day to improve or maintain yourself. To live your life to it’s full potential and take care of your body and mind, there is no finish line, no end to the game; just total, continuing wellness.

This is a scary realisation to a large percent of the population, you have to eat well and exercise regularly FOREVER! But truly, this is a blessing, something we should be thankful for and part of our worship to God. And really, there isn’t as much to it as you think. All you need to prepare, is your mind, for moderation.

Athletes, sports figures and gym freaks; they are another breed of human, people that WANT to gym twice a day, eat 6 times a day and spend 2 hours a day preparing food and taking supplements. The rest of the world, this needn’t be the case… Health shouldn’t be a chore; it should be a lifestyle and a part of you. Who wouldn’t want to feel GREAT, prevent illnesses, be more efficient and set a good example for the future generations?

Take a look at your current life, spend a week writing down everything you do, everything you eat and everywhere you go. Then the next week make tiny little positive tweeks that are almost unnoticeable and fit into your own lifestyle. For instance; 5 extra minutes of walking, changing vegetable oil to olive oil, choose the stairs instead of the lift, carry the shopping yourself, eat fruit instead of sweets etc etc. No one is expecting a 1 year gym contract straight away!

Each week change a little something, try new things, take the natural food option, choose to make time for exercise instead of TV, spend money on an activity instead of take aways, teach yourself to be a role model. The smaller the steps, the easier it becomes to maintain and ENJOY as it is now a part of your own lifestyle, you have molded this “healthy” life into your own; slowly, without even realising the difference, you’ve trained your mind, and that of others around you. You have to make it work for you; afterall, will you stick to something you don’t want to do, that someone else has told you is unnegotiable?

Every step you take, however small and seemingly insignificant, is a step towards health, wellness and a fitter, better you…


Asalaamu Alaykum ❤

Safiyah Esack – 19/07/2013

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