We all know cardio remains one of the most important elements of exercise; to create overall health, fitness and to aid in the creation of that dream body. But how BORING is the treadmill?! How many more seconds can you stand on the cross trainer?! Can you really BARE another second on the stepper?! And the bike…. well really?!

Ok, so there are ways around it and short, specific, high intensity interval training is one of them. But surely there must be other things you can do to get that heart rate pumping, therefore sending oxygen more efficiently around the body, giving you that necessary cardiovascular workout?

My advice today is get OFF of the treadmill and try something new! You may in fact find that the results happen quicker and improvements are greater than ever before. The body needs constant variation, challenges and increased intensity to enable progression. So, let today be the day you brave something a little different to shake up that cardio routine.

The first point to consider is, what does the weather look like today? Can you swap the gym for an outdoor run? Do you have a bicycle laying around maybe? Or just trade in the dark indoors for a walk somewhere (ANYWHERE!) Unless you have a medical condition that causes you to only be able to train indoors, then why not get outside, it’s much prettier! Plus, if you find an area covered by trees, your body will appreciate the clean, fresh oxygen a lot more than your front room.

If the rain is pouring, the wind is blowing and there is ice frosting up the car; it is possible you could make an authoritative decision to stay inside, but be it in the gym or the bedroom, you can still spice up your workout with different moves and ideas to keep your body guessing and your mind interested…

A great idea is to set yourself up a little circuit (if you really are an addict to the things, you can add a few minutes of cardio machines into your circuit). Remember to use exercises that will get your heart rate pumping, exercises such as running on the spot, jumping jacks and burpees are classic circuit movements as they give the heart and body what it needs. But this is 2013 and there are a million more techniques that can be used within your new circuit programme; why not try a few plyometric moves (from previous article) or if you are in a gym grab a piece of functional equipment (such as a kettlebell or powerbag) and add something extra into your routine. No matter what, think whole body, think heart, think heavy breathing and push yourself to the point where rest is no longer optional, it is ESSENTIAL! Most of all though, keep it interesting and make it FUN!


No one ever said exercise had to be boring.

Enjoy your day peeps!

Asalaamu Alaykum ❤

Safiyah Esack – 28/07/2013

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