And how bored am I? Clearly, as I used cheesy wordplay in the title of this blog post! Since the last surf post I wrote, my husband and his friends have been on my CASE to right another… So here goes…

As I have already researched heavily on what is needed in surfing, I thought I would concentrate more on WHY people surf; what makes them drive for hours to find the perfect spot to swim far out and sit in freezing cold water, hoping to catch a few waves within a few hours of hardcore waiting.

Originating in Hawaii, surfing quickly took over every wave coastline of the world, as the “coolest” and most promising sport. People of all ages, shapes, sizes and races have grabbed the best boards they can find and headed to the beach; their ultimate goal, to work towards that “floating” “flying” “out of body” experience that surfing promotes.

Competition surfing is now a HUGE industry, with weighty pay cheques and sponsorships increasing rapidly every year; and any companies associated with surfing are now the “go to” brands for clothes, sports gear, equipment, supplements and anything else that a young athletic person could possibly need. The surfers themselves, from 5 star competitors, to big wave surfers, are the names on the lips of millions worldwide.

So, other than the “cool” factor, why do people surf? Firstly, the FEELING! It’s second to none (or so I’ve heard!), you become weight less and whether you speed, float or turn on a wave, there is nothing like this heart racing, body lifting experience. Also, the health benefits of surfing are surprisingly high, in comparison to many other “fun” sports. The body gets a great cardiovascular workout in the water, as the paddling keeps your heart rate high and puts your body into an aerobic state; sending oxygen efficiently around the entire body and being so far from shore, you need to develop strong endurance fitness in this sport. In addition, surfing also gives a great anaerobic workout; building strength in the arms & shoulders while paddling, legs back and core when treading water, kicking, standing/riding and balancing. Surfing promotes the best core-stability and balance of all sports; as well as demanding all round fitness.

It also gets your husband/brother/father/son/wife/sister/mother/daughter out of your hair for at least an hour (excluding drive time).

Next time I am woken at 6am by a loud phone call to a surf shop to check what the waves are doing, I will think about these points, smile, roll over and head back to sleep for the WHOLE morning.

Whether you are a surfer, or you live with one, happy surfing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Asalaamu Alaykum ❤

Safiyah Esack – 12/08/2013

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