One exercise you can do all these ways and many, many more… The good ol’ lunge!

It’s just a walk… with a perfect 90 degree bend, good posture and a nice long stride. This is the most functional exercise of all time and provides the body with all the essential movement ingredients to promote great fitness, health and well-being.

Not only does this exercise build beautiful, lean leg muscles; it burns fat, shapes the entire body, works the core, strengthens the heart and enables strong mobility in the joints when walking, sitting, standing, running, stepping, bending, lifting, reaching, pushing, pulling, and everything really! Most people like to lunge forwards, but why not backwards, left, right, up, down, across, to the side and even jumping up into the air!? Life doesn’t have to be boring, and what seems like a chore of an exercise can be changed and made a little different every single day.

The best part about lunges, is you can do them ANYWHERE! Around the house, in the garden, at the beach, around the mall, up the stairs, to the park, from school, during work; while your walking or standing still; why aren’t you creating a healthier, better you right now!?

Ok, so you may feel a little silly, and you may want to explain to people WHY you look like Linford Christie warming up; well, simply, the mechanics of a lunge use the biggest muscle groups in the body (the legs), this will burn excess fat and work your cardiovascular system, strengthening the heart and lungs. While this is happening, you are also shaping those legs to be long, lean and cellulite-free; both men and women will sculpt according to their body type (not build unnecessary bulky muscle). The next thing you will find, is as you are training muscles in a functional movement, you will become more efficient with everyday tasks and fitter when it comes to LIFE! As well as, mobilising and working essential joints, that will one day show their appreciation by not breaking down as quickly in old age.

Another thing to note about lunges, is they are great for the core. You need to maintain good posture and think about holding your upper body upright while your lower body works, unknowingly you are working your back and ab muscles; therefore you are preventing yourself from lower back injuries and increasing your core stability. If you are using weights to lunge then these results are much greater, you may even be creating a desired 6-pack, without a single sit up.

Are you still sitting down? If so… why!? Facebook will still be there while you lunge. 😉


Asalaamu Alaykum ❤

Safiyah Esack – 16/08/2013


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