Is there one person in your house that loves to chat at 6am, they run around the house jumping and laughing? In my house, that’s me. I won’t lie there are times where the snooze button beats me, and days when I don’t feel like speaking to anyone. But generally, the majority of mornings, I wake up on the right side of the bed, ready to go and annoying my husband to perfection, trying to joke and play before the sun has risen.

Of course, my Muslim readers, we have to get up and make Fajr Salaah early in the morning; we should all develop the habit of waking up early and creating a positive mindset for yourself and the day before starting your normal routine. The key is to wake up a little earlier than you need to, lay and think about your day and how you can be productive; focus on making the most of your time and squeezing in anything YOU want to do for YOURSELF!

Once you have rolled yourself up, the best thing to do is exercise (yes, really!). I’m not saying you have to jump into your main workout, but try doing some stretches, yoga or even meditation; this will refresh and revitalise your body. If you are already into the early morning thing, then join me with some skipping and plyometric drills to get the endorphins flowing to throw yourself into the day 🙂 ! Exercising in the morning makes you feel empowered and energetic, helping you to smash through the next 18 hours or so. (Be aware, if you are someone that needs to eat before doing a hectic workout, then do so, don’t make yourself sick, eat something small and do a type of exercise that works for you).

After this you should be feeling AMAZING, so grab yourself a breakfast of raw, clean, natural food; adding fruit to your yoghurt or oats helps to boost the immune system and add to the refreshing feeling you are having. Keep it light and simple and enjoy every mouthful. Follow this up with a green or peppermint tea. ❤

If your not a morning person yet, you should be!


Let’s be honest…. Not all of us are able to wake up an hour before everyone else and get into this suggested routine. So, until you have adjusted your schedule, or if you are unable to; then ensure you still feel energised and energetic throughout the day, everyday, by eating clean 80% of the time and exercising over 3 times a week. Complete these basics for achieving good health and then reap the benefits. Empower yourself and take control of your own energy and productivity!

I like to think I’m an early morning, mid-day and late night person…. I’m sure my husband would disagree 😉

Asalaamu Alaykum

Safiyah Esack – 12/09/2013


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