Having just celebrated the second Eid of the year, I’m sure we all feel the same food related guilt and lethargic body, an overwhelming come down. No matter what your festival, Eid, Christmas, Easter, Diwali, Hanukkah; they all involve a day by day build up of excitement, hyped emotion, panic organisation and non stop preparation. Once the day of celebration, worship, remembrance, self-reflection and luxuries is over, it is important to get your body and mind back on the right track.

My clients know that after such an event, the hard work is back on; training, eating and striving for that healthy lifestyle. It is essential to take a few moments at the beginning of the day after to refocus; whether you like to meditate, pray, stretch, swim, walk or just run a hot bath; get yourself up a little earlier on this day and assess yourself.

If you haven’t reached your goals yet, why not?

If you aren’t feeling content and satisfied, why not?

If you are confused, lost and not found a way out, why not?

After all the madness, take a breath, reflect and let’s get back to reality.

Now is the time to take up that new sport, begin an activity you always wanted to try, give something else a go, be more dedicated to what you already do, buy the lower GI food, eat less rice, change to steamed vegetables… Whatever it is that you feel you should have done the last time you felt like this…. DO IT! Take the opportunity at starting a fresh, look at this as your chance, use this precious, valuable time.

This week my goal is to restructure my own training, variety keeps the body guessing, adds to functionality and let’s face it, it’s more fun! As well as, reevaluating my dairy and wheat intake (lately I’ve been a little too lenient teehee).

With my clients, I want to re-energise them, make them excited about health and fitness again. Whatever their dream is, I want them to feel it is achievable and be motivated to reach it. As cheesy as it sounds, I care about my clients (actually they are now all my friends) and I really want them to succeed, I am going to research, study and prepare every session to be the best it possibly can, and share with them everything I know to help them; giving them the best of me, to get the best of them.

A healthy lifestyle is a constant, you should always target yourself on the best, then structure it into your own life. A few days of concentrating on a particular day can cause loss of focus and many loose what is important in every other day. You have to look after yourself, your family and those around you; be that by physically aiding them, or by setting the example.

Whoever you are, whatever you do. Take this innovative and reflect to change it up. You’ll be amazed!

Asalaamu Alaykum & Eid Mubarak ❤

Safiyah Esack – 17/10/2013


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