I often discuss the importance of resistance based exercises, no matter what your goal is. Whether your aiming to loose weight, bulk up, rehabilitate, prevent injury or just for general fitness; it is essential to load the muscles and create tension.

Unfortunately, this training technique is commonly abused and treated as a “masculinity” competition (sorry boys, but this is correct to the highest majority percentage). If you happen to wander into the weights section of a gym on a Monday night, you will see the ongoing challenge between every man, who can lift more in their chest and biceps…

Anyways, my point is, do you really know how to lift? Is your technique good, your posture correct and are you holding your form in the most safe and effective way? Did you know that body improvements and muscle gains happen quicker when you lift correctly, not just when you have more weight on the bar than the person next to you.

My challenge to everyone is to use a broom handle… Funny right? But you can get a better workout from lifting a broom handle with correct technique than you ever can from lifting weights unnecessarily. With a weightless bar, try and squat, lunge, press, clean, snatch, row, everything you would in the gym; but take it SLOW, connect your muscles under tension and think POSTURE, FORM and TECHNIQUE; I guarantee you will feel your body in a way you never have before.


Once you can lift PERFECTLY, then start to progressively add weight…

WARNING:This may damage your masculine ego for a few months, but in 40 years when you are still lifting just as heavy (if not more!) the guys that used to stand next to you will no longer be there, as their tired, injured bodies will have given up long ago – You will be the hero pensioner next to the fresh, new 20 year-olds.

This advice goes for men, women, body builders, athletes, moms, dads, office workers, housewives, shop keepers, property developers, EVERYONE. Lift properly…….. then you try to out lift me 😉

Enjoy the sunshine !

Asalaamu Alaykum ❤

Safiyah Esack 26/10/2013


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