Unfortunately for a lot of us, the vast majority of the day involves sitting still, on one chair, in one place, looking at one screen. As previously discussed, this can be the catalyst for many different complaints, injuries and long-term body malfunctions. Therefore, a new term “active sitting” has been released into our lives, new science and research has gone into different ways of sitting, how to keep moving while you sit and what the best movements are for this common day-long position.

The problem with sitting…

The human body is actually programmed to move, it needs to be stimulated, exercised and challenged on a daily basis. If we spend most of our waking hours sitting, it is inevitable that our health will suffer. A lack of movement makes the Central Nervous System sluggish, weakens the muscles, decreases fat burning potential, causes fatigue and even increases risks of heart-related diseases. Studies show, even people with healthy body weight have negative effects caused by prolonged periods of sitting, leading to possible diabetes and heart disease.

“Active sitting” or “dynamic sitting” is recommended by most health professionals, and is the term related to a seat that allows the occupant to move. It is evident that flexibility and mobility while sitting is beneficial to the human body. movement throughout the day is essential for health and body maintenance, therefore a chair that makes this accessible is a necessity in the workplace.

It is unlikely that employers are about to run out and buy everyone in the office a new chair, so it is important that each and every one of us take the responsibility upon ourselves to be proactive in movement throughout the day. Whether that be standing up and sitting down a few times an hour, clenching and releasing muscle groups, moving legs and arms in different directions and at different ranges, rolling shoulders, maintaining good back posture or walking the long way to the bathroom (more ideas in previous post… “Hitting the office.”)

If your feeling brave, and recognise the importance of health and wellbeing in all aspects of life, why not buy a new exercise ball just for the office; sit on that instead of a chair. You will improve posture, increase core stability and be able to constantly move the body across different planes; all while working as normal behind your desk. Just be careful not to have too much bouncy fun and get us both in trouble 😉

ball chair

Happy Monday!!

Asalaamu Alaykum ❤

Safiyah Esack 28/10/2013



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