It wasn’t until I moved from London, to Cape Town, that I realised how much I used to walk, and the great extent it contributed to my optimum fitness and decreased levels of body fat. Walking from gym to gym, tube to bus, train to car and all the stairs in between, was a key component to being in the absolute best shape of my life. No matter how many workouts and how hard I train now, I feel like there is something missing in my fitness life, a piece of my previous healthy jigsaw is missing.

Living in Cape Town brings new challenges and restrictions; being able to walk places on my own, at any time of the day or night, is no longer a reality. It seems this limitation is highly affecting the community around me and causing a greater obesity epidemic than ever before, a combination of nutritional deficiencies and a lack of necessary exercise, is reflecting negatively in the well-being of society.

A little mid-week advice, walk. Whether it’s around the house, up and down the stairs, in groups to the shops, up a mountain, along a beach, or my current solution of walking in the garage with ankle weights. If you want to increase cardiovascular fitness, be strong, healthy and in shape; don’t rely purely on a couple of workouts a week, it’s the time in between that really counts.

walking for fitness

Asalaamu Alaykum ❤

Safiyah Esack – 30/10/2013


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