In an over populated industry, where a qualification is a mere piece of paper after a week-long course, and everything you need to know can be found on Google; how do you know I’m genuine and just here to help you a long the path of creating that personal, healthy lifestyle? It’s time for a testimonial page, here’s the truth about my past, from the women with experience…

EASTBOURNE, UK. 2008-2010. Freelance Swimming Teacher & Coach.

Jackie Kilmer. Safiyah taught all three of my children to swim, I have never seen them listen to anyone (not even me) that way! They learnt very quickly and one of them now swims in county galas, competing to swim for England. I was very impressed with her professional attitude and with the rapid improvements the children made every lesson.

Hannah Gold. I decided to begin swimming lessons at 48 years old. I had never learnt as a child and always been too scared to start, I hated putting my face in the water even in the bath. But Safiyah was so helpful, kind and knowledgable; she built up my confidence, worked at a pace I could manage, and got me swimming within a few weeks! I now swim with Eastbourne Masters (part of Eastbourne Swimming Club) twice a week.

Barbora Trent. I have always been a competent swimmer, learned when I was very young and swum throughout my childhood, but as I got older I got lazier and having children meant gaining a lot of weight. I started swimming with Safiyah to improve my fitness and start a weight loss regime. She was very motivating and knew a lot about swimming techniques, with her help, programmes and support I lost 30kgs of weight and I can now fit back into my pre-children jeans!

HASTINGS, UK. 2010-2011. Employed Personal Trainer, Freelance Swimming Teacher & Coach, Freelance Group Exercise Trainer.

Emily Rayleigh. When I joined the gym I never thought I would be able to stick to going, I knew I needed to but I wasn’t a gym person. Having Safiyah as a PT changed my life, she gave me the confidence to use the gym, she motivated me through tough times, and helped me loose the weight I needed to, to be an active Mum.

Andrea Young. Safiyah trained me for my first triathlon in 2010. I have been competing in events as a runner for 10 years so wanted a new challenge. She was very professional and the training she gave me not only gave me the edge, I came in the top 10 women for my first ever Tri. I would recommend her as an athletic trainer to anybody.

Isobel Janning. I have been a gym person all my life, same time every morning, same routine, same food every day. After having kids I started to gain weight, even though as far as I knew I was doing the right thing. Safiyah lead me through new exercises, food plans and coached me through a new programme; she helped me loose all my baby weight and be fitter than I’ve ever been, without having to cut out any food, or exercise for longer; she showed me the science behind techniques and variation and gave me the tools to improve.

Tammy Evergreen. The best group exercise instructor ever! Safiyah was so much fun, as well as teaching the hardest classes I have ever done ever! I don’t even know how! She’s very motivating, she coaches everyone’s technique and makes sure everyone is safe. I’ve missed her classes everyday since she moved!

Kylie Thompson. At 14 years old, I thought my youngest was never going to be able to swim, no matter what I did she could not get it; my other two where water babies straight away, I didn’t even seem to try. I met Safiyah at the gym and she took my daughter with her. Within weeks she was swimming with a float and soon after she was on her own, Safiyah taught her until she was ready to join a club, and then continued to coach her privately. She is now an assistant swimming teacher herself.

LONDON, UK. 2011-2012. Freelance Personal Trainer, Freelance Swimming Teacher & Coach, Freelance Group Exercise Trainer.

Sarah Hewitt. I always wanted to be a fitness model, I loved watching them compete on stage and always wondered how I could ever join them. With 5 sessions a week, an hour by hour diet plan and intense planning, Safiyah got me there! I think she worked harder than me to motivate me and support me and check up on me!

Caroline Smith. Safiyah was my Personal Trainer, my swimming coach and I went to all her early morning classes. She was a great trainer, very supportive, knew her stuff and went out of her way to help me. Before she left for South Africa my company began sponsoring her as an athlete, I will always put my name to her work, she is awesome!

Leanne Cook. Safiyah trained me for events in running, cycling, swimming, tennis, football and long jump. I have always been athletic and competed, but my last coach retired so I need a new trainer & coach; Safiyah was excellent at her work, she knew how to improve my performance and make me the best I could be.

Lara Hales. I work in an office and never could be bothered to use the gym membership that I had. Taking up PT with Safiyah was the best decision I ever made, she gave my energy (I never thought I could have energy, I thought I was meant to be tired), she made my body feel great; I was stronger and fitter, I never even knew I needed to work out.

Rosie Small. I am a ballerina and yoga instructor. Safiyah was a colleague at one of the gyms I worked at, I started training with her to see if I could improve my strength and functionality. She was amazing, that girl knows her stuff!

Katie Johnson. I recommend Safiyah to anyone. I had the opportunity of working with her in the city, as I am also a PT. She taught me so much, and helped me with clients and training, even though it took up so much of her own time. I seen her teach varied classes, train athletes, help clients with weight loss, assist injuries and improve a range of abilities. She is a very knowledgeable, qualified, experienced trainer and I hope we can always keep in touch!

Prina Patel. Finding out I suffer with osteoporosis was one of the most demoralising moments of my life. In the past year I’ve had 20 breaks throughout my body and I didn’t think there was much more I could do. I became depressed and began eating more and more. I joined a gym in the hope I could do something to change the state of my health. Safiyah guided me through each session with comfort and ease, and kept up to date with information about my illness so she could help me as best as possible. The exercise and company also helped my depression and gave me the inner strength to try and help myself more. I now live a relatively normal life (I still have to be careful of course), as my muscles are strong enough to help protect my bones and my bone density is improving. She also helped me with food ideas and tips for everyday life, so I could have the best quality of life. The whole time we were training she was there 24/7 if I needed her and was very flexible. I have so much to thank her for and wish her all the best in future no matter what.

CAPE TOWN, SA. 2012-Current.

Zaida Perrins Kapery. Awesome personal trainer who motivates me to train my best without killing me 😉 Been training once a week for about 10 weeks now and follow a healthy diet. Have lost 13cm around my tummy and 5.3kg. 900g away from my pre-baby weigh 🙂 Thanx so much Safiyah!

Riezqah Johaadien. Having Safiyah as my personal trainer after every session with her I go home feeling good knowing that I got an awesome workout,and feeling it the next day.

Fehmieda Begg Salie. The best ever Personal training session reaching my goal after having a baby,when you need that one on one time to tone, and seeing results after 2 sessions you know its definitely Working SAFIYAH ESACK you the best ever helping me  Reaching my Goal……… I really needed this boost and I’m feeling amazing thanx Lady for ur support and MOTIVATION and believing in MEEEEE. YOU CAN ALL GET their.

Adiela Patel. MY OWN PERSONAL TRAINER.  After going on a recent holiday, I have realised how much weight I’ve gained over the years and how unfit I am. A family friend suggested and directed me to someone who assists woman in losing weight, to gain healthy bodies and to keep fit. 

Immediately I took her advice and contacted Sofia Essack – She has several options to choose from, including eating plans, depending on your own needs. I have opted for the one-on-one, hour training sessions.
Thus far I’ve had three sessions with her and can vouch that there is an improvement in my fitness level and I can definitely feel the changes her exercise routines have done to my body.
She pushes you to your absolute limit. She has sound knowledge about fitness and weight loss.
Each session is different and is designed by her to effectively address the individual’s “problem areas.”
I would recommend her service to ANY female who is serious about “losing the extra kilos”, “getting fit” and “staying in shape”.

Sofia is always accommodating and her friendly and kind manner adds magnetism to the desired GOAL OF SHEDDING THOSE BULDGES!!
A definite inclusion in my life!!! Looking forward to reaching my desired goal with her.

Fatima Anon. I’ve always had the inclination to exercise and have attempted to do it many times on my own. I’d start out with lots of enthusiasm for about 2 weeks…lose interest and then start again. It would be on and off like that, inconsistently and randomly…Until I met Safiyah Esack; a true blessing in my life Alhamdulilaah 🙂 Without even realising it, she’s shown me that I have the potential to be fit, healthy, consistent and disciplined with regard to my fitness routines. I’ve been training with her since March 2013 until the present, and even though she pushes me beyond my limits (sometimes), it is truly for my own benefit and the feeling of accomplishment at the end of the session is one of exhiliration, contentment, satisfaction and relief. That being said- we all have our goal weights/body shapes that we want to achieve. The trick is to find the balance in the busy lives we lead, especially when it comes to eating! The ideal body comes from 60% proper eating and 40% exercising (in my opinion). Safiyah goes over and beyond to assist me with advice; be it about nutrition, fitness or personal. I highly recommend her to all the ladies out there, not only will you gain an incredible personal trainer and body, but also a dear friend.


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